Troubadours for Change | Bathurst Music Event March 2017 | Beyond The Orphanage

Troubadours for Change in Bathurst, NSW, this March!

February 20, 2017

Beyond The Orphanage is a nonprofit with a belief in the strength of family and community. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Beyond The Orphanage ambassador and talented musician, Matt Boylan-Smith, will be hosting a live music event in his hometown community of Bathurst, NSW! The music showcase, Troubadours for Change, will be opened by Bathurst Mayor,...

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Why giving back feels so good | Beyond The Orphanage

Why does giving back feel good and make ya’ happy?

February 15, 2017

There's obvious benefits that are external to the act of giving, like the wonderful difference made to another human's life, to the environment, and to animal species (and so on). But have you ever thought deeply about why giving back feels good on a personal level? How your brain responds to giving back When you give to somebody there's a...

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The lion movie and the reality

January 28, 2017

Beyond the Orphanage's Meredith Downes tells us about how her heart breaks every time she hears someone say they’re heading to Nepal to teach English in an orphanage for a week. Here's Meredith's own words on the movie that sparked this blog post, and her plea to anyone thinking about volunteering overseas: do your research. My mum, my...

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Help children with Beyond The Orphanage USA

BTO USA launches to help children in Ethiopia & Nepal!

December 13, 2016

A warm welcome to the USA arm of Beyond the Orphanage! Last Thursday in Charlotte, North Carolina, CEO Geoff Hucker and US Co-chairs, Drs. Natalie Conner and Raymond Kirk, officially launched the Beyond the Orphanage in the USA at a gathering attended by friends, colleagues, and family. It was a magical night for my family AND I,...

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Sano Paila Team

Sano Paila: protecting children in Nepal from trafficking

December 9, 2016

Sano Paila (or ‘A Little Step’), is named for the idea that it just takes ‘a little step’ to serve one’s community and induce positive change. Sano Paila has taken many little steps to achieve incredibly positive outcomes for the Birgunj community in Nepal, and today they're celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Originally founded to tackle grassroots youth issues,...

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Dr. Natalie Conner: Beyond the Orphanage in the USA

November 14, 2016

Between them, Dr. Natalie Conner and Dr. Ray Kirk have amassed 55 years of senior level experience in the field of child welfare, across several continents. So it's with great pride here at Beyond the Orphanage, that we announce that Dr. Natalie Conner has taken on the role of representing us in the United States,...

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Changing Lives feels awesome | Join #TeamBTO | Beyond The Orphanage

Join #TeamBTO and change lives!

November 1, 2016

Join #TeamBTO and change lives! This week we launch our community fundraising campaign - to create brighter futures for orphaned children. #TeamBTO is a community of people like you, who are passionate about changing lives. They're hosting dinners, donating their birthdays and taking up jogging to spread the word about our cause. This is your opportunity to make a...

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