COVID-19 Emergency Child Safety Appeal

Beyond the Orphanage

As an organisation, we like to share the good news with our communities. We like to give you a glimpse of the beauty in our children, an insight into their resilience, and to share the many stories of kids thriving. 

However, right now we need your help.

We are currently in the midst of a child protection emergency, unlike anything we’ve ever faced. 

As COVID-19 continues to have severe impacts on lives around the world, our most vulnerable children are facing risks to their safety far more dangerous than the virus itself.

Government lockdown and health restrictions have severely impacted the ability of our partners to deliver their programs. The unprecedented situation has created unpredictable and constantly evolving risks to the safety and physical wellbeing of children in Nepal and Kenya.


What’s happening in Nepal

Major national food and fuel shortages have drastically limited the resources and support our partners can give the children and their families. 

Due to school closures, many children are now at home with families who rely on income from daily labour to pay for rent and food. This income is now impossible for them to earn, and may soon force children onto the street creating an ever-increasing risk of starvation, homelessness and child trafficking.

Many of these children are affected by HIV and Aids and are some of the most at-risk children in the world.


What’s happening in Kenya

Having been sent home from boarding schools the children of Nairobi in Kenya are filling the slums with nowhere else to go. With no access to food, they are eating out of bins, and no running water means they are unable to maintain even basic levels of hygiene.

A strict 7pm COVID-19 curfew is being enforced by lethal violence by the local police. For the street kids of Alfajiri with nowhere to go after curfew they are now spending their nights hiding from the police and the threat of being shot or beaten.

In a recent update, our partner organisation Alfajiri in Nairobi wrote: 

Once Covid 19 gets into the slum there is no telling the devastation that will begin…we need help for these families in this emergency. Food is the greatest need. House rent is another.

As the whole world suffers under the pandemic, we fear that there will be no help for the desperate situation here.

When it is over we want to send our children back to schools and training. For now, they are at great risk and we don’t want to lose them. Now we need every help to find food and shelter for our kids.

What we’re doing

We’re doing everything in our power to facilitate and support our community partners to respond to the unpredictable and constantly changing challenges they are being faced with. 

With the situation changing rapidly every day, BTO has established an emergency Child Protection Advisory Committee to assist us in responding to these changing conditions on the ground.

Can you help?

We know that times are tough and we’re incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of our community, without whom we would not be able to support our partners and keep these kids safe.

Every little bit counts and with the ongoing support of generous people like you, we can continue to provide food, shelter, medicine and a safe and loving family environment for these children.

If you would like to help us keep these kids safe you can donate to the emergency child protection appeal here.

April 19, 2020

Next Steps

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