Empowering At-Risk Children

Beyond the Orphanage provides at-risk children with a safe haven from dangerous circumstances, and enables local partner organisations to provide them with a home, food and education as they grow into self-reliant adults.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of at-risk orphaned children, by placing them in a safe haven and providing them with homes and education as they grow into self reliant adults. Here's how.

Guardians instead of orphanages

We use a unique model of foster and kinship care that is tailored to the individual needs of each child. We partner with both children and their carers in a continuous and empowering way.

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Building self-sufficient programs

We partner with local vetted carers and provide training and mentorship to help them build self-sufficient programs for their future sustainability.

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Adhering to strict ethical standards

Both the children and carers that come to our programs undergo a strict selection process. We adhere to a clear Child Protection Policy and provide total transparency of all our financial accounts and procedures.

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With your help

In the last 10 years, we have helped over 1000 children around the world

Together, we can help 1000 more over the next decade

Making a difference:

Mariamawit’s story

Mariamawit was supported by the Beyond the Orphanage program in Ethiopia for 7 years. She has now ‘graduated’ from our program. This is Mariamawit’s story.

“My name is Mariamawit and I am 22 years old. I was with the Beyond the Orphanage program for seven years. Before this, I had a very hard life. I was miserable where I was living and it was not a nice environment. And losing both my parents was very painful.

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Latest News

In the Field

Yoga – A Pathway to Interoception

Dr. Bobbie Legg one of our amazing trauma therapists shares her insights into using yoga as therapy. The Sanskrit word for yoga means union: of mind, body and spirit. Yoga is known for its transformative power that extends beyond the physical to nourish the mind and help us cope with life’s pressures. At Beyond The… Read More »

In the Field, Updates

Our Alfajiri Street Kids are Exhibited Artists

Most of the children who attend our art workshops in Kenya live on the streets. They are called “Chokora” – The rubbish. As young as 6, they have been left or driven to the streets to fend for themselves. Life on the streets of Nairobi is scary, the children are chased, beaten while they are… Read More »