How you can make a difference

BTO’s mission is to support, enable and empower at-risk children to become self-reliant adults.

We work closely with the community to ensure that each child is provided with the necessities and support they need. Every child deserves a meaningful childhood, and we aim for each one of them to become a self-reliant adult and productive member of their community.

A Better Way

Our unique guardianship model ensures abandoned and at-risk children grow up in a safe and loving home. What do we mean by “at-risk”? In countries like Nepal and Kenya where we work, children are at-risk from child trafficking, generational poverty and disease.

A child is rescued and we work with our local in-country partner to determine the best care: a family dedicated home, kinship care or foster care.

We work to ensure each child is fully supported as they adapt to their new home environment.

Raising a child is a long-term commitment. Your donations contribute to each child’s education, and their physical and emotional wellbeing.

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BTO staff members pose for photo with children at Nepal homes.

From your family, to theirs.

Sponsor a child

Every child’s experience is unique but we all need the same things – love, security, health and wellbeing.

Be part of positive change and transform a child’s world today.

Changing Lives Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Rescued and reunited, this sister and brother are now thriving.

After the death of their parents Chandu and Suraj were orphaned. Chandu was sent to India to work as a domestic maid. She was 6 years old. Suraj who was 7 was living on the streets, starving and in constant danger.

We acted quickly to rescue them and give them a secure home…this is what your support enables Beyond the Orphanage to do.


Every child deserves a loving family

Be part of transforming a child’s world. Your support ensures a safe family environment in which these children can grow and thrive.