We do things differently


The children are our priority

Our focused approach enables and empowers these children. With our child protection policy and our unique alternate care model, we place children into a safe haven with a carefully selected guardian.

We work closely with the community to ensure that each child is provided with the necessities and support they need. Every child deserves a meaningful childhood, and we aim for each one of them to become a self-reliant adult and productive member of their community.

Our Approach

Meet their
immediate needs

Food Medicine Shelter

Provide long
lasting support

Family Counselling Education


Help a child today

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A safe place to grow 

We have clear ways to ensure children in our programs are respected and protected.

How we protect children

When placing children in their new homes, we carefully interview prospective guardians, and make regular home visits. All our staff and volunteers must adhere to our strict child protection policy; we run ongoing training to ensure our team understands and meets its child protection responsibilities. That means there is a clear process for staff and volunteers to report any breaches of our child protection policy.

Our legal responsibilities

In every decision, we seek the best interest of each child. Our child protection policy accords with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child 1998. In every way, we seek to protect children against all forms of discrimination and harm, including physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect and child labour.

Help build a stronger future for orphaned children

Your support helps us give orphaned children what every child needs to flourish: a home, loving care and a good education.