A Safe Haven in Kenya – Away from a Life on the Streets



In Kenya, there are an estimated 250,000 children living on the streets, with over 60,000 in the capital of Nairobi. These children are forced to live a life on the streets due to varying circumstances. As a result, many of them are put at extreme risk of danger and continued suffering with no opportunity to remove themselves from the cycle.

This is where BTO steps in. Working together with Alfajiri, a community-based organization, we reach out to these children by offering them a safe place to go. We look at finding individual solutions for each child and strive to find them the best opportunity to participate successfully and productively in the community.

What We’re Doing to Help


Drop-In Centre

Following the BTO philosophy of caring for children according to their specific needs, Alfajiri works with street children at the drop-in center. Professional staff assess the children’s needs, provide assistance for referrals to medical and rehabilitation centers, help find them a caring home, enroll them in a school and offer financial support to guardians who are supporting the child.

Alfajiri Street Kids Art

Alfajiri Street Kids Art is a weekly art workshop offered at the drop-in center. Street children can come and tell their stories in paint, crayon and pencil. They are provided with a welcoming, safe, supportive and a non-threatening environment where they are encouraged to leave their life on the streets.

Isaac Story

Living a life of the streets of Nairobi is a frightening but not uncommon reality for many children in Kenya. Isaac is one of the children who was living a life just that.Living in extreme poverty, or suffering addictions, alcoholism and/or divorce often families are unable to feed their own children let alone pay for...

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