Wondering How You Can Donate to Charity? Check out Our Fundraising Ideas Toolkit

Starting a Fundraising Campaign is Easy #teamBTO

You can do anything to raise money, do you need some inspiration?

  • Fran donated her 60th Birthday and asked for donations in lieu of gifts. Fran raised $1000! Our youngest fundraiser Adhrit donated his 1st Birthday and raised $320. Birthdays, Weddings,  and all sorts of celebrations are a great way to fundraise and give back.
  • Run, cycle, climb: Individually or form a team. More friends = more fun + raise more money!
  • Jo organises an annual movie night with her girlfriends for BTO. Host an event: Dinners, movie or trivia nights and morning teas are great ways to get people involved and have fun
  • Be brave and have a shave
  • Chocolate, booze, television: give it up for a good cause
  • Bake store, garage sales
  • or get creative and think outside the square!

What will you do? We can’t wait to see.


Download our fundraising toolkit full of great tips and ideas for a successful fundraiser


Use our images to support your fundraiser. We’ve gathered some of our favourite photos from the field so that you can tell the BTO story.


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