Governance & Transparency

We’re open, accountable and responsive

Beyond the Orphanage operates under strict standards for corporate governance and financial transparency.

With professional backgrounds in law, business management and accounting, our expert board ensures we operate ethically and with total transparency.

Our accounting systems closely monitor and report on all expenditure. We do not employ professional charity collectors. We rely on our website, our corporate sponsors and our community – both online and offline – to fund the work we do.

Of the funds raised in 2015/16, 72% went to our overseas programs which directly support the children. The remaining 28% covers the costs of community education, fundraising and administration for BTO.


2023 Annual Report – Australian version

2023 Annual Report – US version

2022 Annual Report – Australian version

2022 Annual Report – US version

2021 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report


You can find our financial reports in our annual reports.


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If you would like to register a complaint with BTO please write to us at [email protected].