Nepalese kids

Give the gift of freedom and family to a child like Kittu

When we first met Kittu she was around six-years old. She had been abandoned and was living on the streets. With the love and support from our housemother Anu and Kittu’s new brothers and sisters in Birgunj, Nepal, she has blossomed. Kittu now goes to school and is healthy and happy. We will care for her until she is a young adult and ready to leave home. Your generosity makes it possible for Kittu to have a childhood every child deserves.

We’ve helped more than 1000 at-risk children

In Nepal and Kenya where we work children are at-risk from child trafficking, generational poverty and disease.

Every child is important. To date we have rescued more than 1000 children from the streets and unsafe environments. We are committed to nurturing them until they are self-reliant adults. It is wonderful to see a child’s life transform and to be part of that journey.

One of the greatest threats children in Nepal face is child trafficking. With open borders between Nepal and India, girls and boys as young as four are sold into slavery. Some are stolen from their parents, others are orphans living on the streets. These children are often traumatised and need special care.

In Kenya the number of children living in the slums of Nairobi is alarming. Some have been abandoned, others have fled violence. Many suffer from addiction, and malnutrition. We work to rehabilitate and educate these children and show them there is hope for a brighter future.

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You can sponsor a child, donate, create your own fundraiser or simply tell other people about our work – sharing our news on social media is a great start.

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Every child’s experience is unique, but we all need the same things – love, security, health and wellbeing. Be part of positive change and transform a child’s world today.


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Education is freedom. Your donation will provide tertiary or vocational education fees and living expenses for two years for an individual.

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