How you can make a difference

BTO’s mission is to support, enable and empower at-risk children to become self-reliant adults.

We work closely with the community to ensure that each child is provided with the necessities and support they need. Every child deserves a meaningful childhood, and we aim for each one of them to become a self-reliant adult and productive member of their community.

How Can You Help?

Your contribution, no matter the size, can create a ripple effect of positive change. Whether it’s a one-time donation or a monthly commitment, your generosity will directly impact the lives of these deserving children.

Your kindness can provide them with a nurturing home, quality education, access to medical care and a chance to pursue their dreams.


All donations are tax deductible.

With your support, we can collectively make a tangible difference in these children’s lives, giving them hope for a brighter future.