Let’s Give At-Risk Children
in Nepal a Safe Home


Help Move Children out of Orphanages in Nepal

In Nepal, there are an estimated 13,000 orphans as a result of HIV. Since there is little education about HIV/AIDS in Nepal, many of these children are left behind and forced to live a life on the streets. As a result of their circumstances, they are without care or protection and have no access to basic necessities, education or medical care.

With BTO’s expanding efforts in Nepal, we are working together with Star Children to help find solutions for these children so they can develop to their full potential.

What We’re Doing to Help

We deliver our holistic care model so that each child can grow into an educated, independent and empowered adult.

Star Children

Our partner Star Children provides HIV/ AIDS-affected children the security of a home, healthcare, education and counselling. Focus is on self-esteem, dignity and providing opportunities previously unavailable.


Nawajiwan is a joint initiative of BTO and Star Children. The program provides medical support, counselling and material aid to vulnerable families affected by HIV/AIDS who are living in remote communities.


Our partner RHERI has a residential hostel for deaf children in an extremely poor part of rural Nepal. Together we meet everyday needs and provide access to sign-language teachers, education and community.

Left to care for herself at 6 years old

When we met Deepa she was around 6 years old. She was living with her mother who suffers from severe mental illness. Unable to care for her child, Deepa had been left to care for herself. As you would imagine, she was suffering profoundly.

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