Social Workers are an integral part of the BTO program

Beyond the Orphanage

By Jo Smith 

Social workers at Beyond the Orphanage are available 24/7 for children on our program. They are present for the crises and for the long term development of each child.

Our social worker shares this story about the role of the drop-in centre in the lives of the children on the Beyond the Orphanage program.

“One boy came to us after being on the streets. He was very reluctant to integrate with other children and he found the environment very strange. His performance at school wasn’t good and he never engaged in study. Though he was no longer on the street, in many ways, he was still a wandering boy.

When he came to Beyond the Orphanage, his teachers sent with him a very sad report. He had gone through much pain and psychological distress. Two years ago, he came to the Beyond the Orphanage office cowering in fear and anxiety.

He said he would talk to one of the social workers privately and so they went to the den, a place of individual sharing and listening.

There, the little boy, still not yet 10 years old, opened up about how afraid he had been in the years before he spent on the streets.

What hurt this boy most was the remembrance in a dream of his mothers passing, how she cuddled him and how he was not able to wake her in the morning.It was then the tears came and they did not stop streaming for quite some time.

I listened attentively, comforted him and waited. Then I gently reminded the boy that he has a bright future and that Beyond the Orphanage is there for him 100% to help him to focus on his life, his future and his studies.

I told him that we are beside him as he gains his confidence to live in the world.

His eyes were wide with hope and serenity. By sharing the weight inside him, it lightened.

The boy went on to achieve one of the best academic records of his school and to make friends he has fun with and can rely on. His life has really changed and seeing the change in him fills my heart.”

November 26, 2015

Next Steps

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