The Best Children’s Charities To Donate To

There are many charities that purport to support children, but it is important to do your homework and make sure that when you part with your hard-earned money that it is going to a genuine organization.

At Beyond The Orphanage we pride ourselves in being transparent. We are happy to share whatever information you require to help you make your decision to donate.


We’ve also put together an easy three-step checklist that will help you to find the best non-profit organisations to donate to:

1. Conduct research – check out the websites of the charities you are interested in supporting. In particular, read their achievements and their case studies on children in need. Who is the founder? Who is on the board? Find out how much of the donation is used on administrative functions. The greater the transparency, the more confidence you will have.

2. Reach out – if the website doesn’t answer all your questions, send an email to the organization. If they are legit, they will be happy to respond to you. But remember, some charities run very lean like we do, and may not have office staff so give them time to get back to you.

3. Government approval – in Australia a charity needs to be registered as a “Deductible Gift Recipient”. In the United States charities need to be 501(c)(3) registered. To find out more visit Charitable Donations as Tax Deductions

We’d love you to become part of the Beyond The Orphanage family. There are also other non-profit organizations that are doing great work helping children, and we can confidently recommend two charities:

World Vision
Prevent Child Abuse America

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