Why Sponsor A Child?

Lorraine, why did you choose to sponsor a child with BTO?

I chose to sponsor a child through BTO as the charity not only assists some of the most at-risk children in the world, but it also has a very unique approach to helping them. It provides the children with a family environment in which they can get all the emotional support they need, in addition to financial support and education.

Why makes people such as yourself want to sponsor a child on the other side of the world?

We are very fortunate in Australia. Most of us have access to education, work and financial support if things go a little wrong. Unfortunately other people are not so lucky, with children the most vulnerable. Sponsorship is just a small way that I can help.

Have you felt a connection or relationship with your sponsor child?

It has been lovely receiving the letters from my sponsored children. It’s so great to hear how well they are doing.

What have been some of the highlights, in terms of your sponsorship?

My highlight has been reading the stories of the children who have grown up and completed their education in spite of such difficult circumstances. It shows just how successful BTO is. I also like to see how close the children are. They act as a support network for each other and obviously enjoy working on projects together.

At BTO we are very aware that many of our sponsors come from wealthier ‘developed’ countries? What do you think about this?

I think developed countries have a responsibility to help less fortunate ‘developing’ countries. I am also pleased to see some larger organisations significantly increasing their philanthropy efforts.

Thanks for your time today Lorraine!