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COVID-19 Emergency Child Safety Appeal

We are currently facing a child safety crisis, unlike anything we have ever seen.

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the globe, the world's most vulnerable children are facing unimaginable and unpredictable risks to their safety.

Now, we need your help.

Children in Nepal are facing increasing risks of hunger, homelessness, lack of medical assistance and child trafficking.

In Kenya the street kids have been sent home from schools and are filling the slums, with no access to water for basic hygiene. With nowhere to go, they face the danger of being beaten or killed by police who are enforcing curfews with extreme violence.

With your support, we can help our partners keep these kids safe.



Our partners need us more than ever

We have never before run an emergency appeal, it is not something we would normally do. However, these are extraordinary times and they require an extraordinary response because we have children whose lives are now at risk.

And our partners need our help.

In Nepal, major national food and fuel shortages have drastically limited the resources and support our partners can give the children and their families. School closures mean children are back at home, in often highly unstable environments.

Many of their families rely on daily labour income to pay for food and rent, daily income that is impossible for them to earn during social distancing. The children of these families are now facing an ever-increasing risk of starvation, homelessness and child trafficking.

The Alfrajiri drop-in centre in Kenya is no longer running it’s normal programs. Instead, it is now simply trying to feed as many children as possible, educate them on what is going on, and provide a safe shelter from the escalating violence and threat of death they are facing on the street.

Together, we can make a difference. 

We know it’s tough at the moment, and our community is feeling the financial and emotional impact of COVID-19. We are incredibly grateful to our supporters who continue to give during these challenging times.


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