Ethiopia’s Landscape is Stunning

Beyond the Orphanage

Ethiopia’s landscape is stunning, the country is truly beautiful steeped in history and rich in cultural heritage. We have written to you about the hospitality and the rich coffee tradition. We show you beautiful examples of the children who are blossoming on our program.

British photographer Al Deane has captured the essence of Ethiopia in his photo collection, Land of the 8th Harmony‘. The name of the collection comes from an Ethiopian poet, Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin, “This is the land of the eighth harmony in the rainbow: Black. It is the dark side of the moon brought to light.”

What co-exists in Ethiopia with this beauty is undeniable need caused by drought, poverty and disease. Orphans of a certain age, religion or those who have special needs require somewhere to go when their parents die and they are left to face life on the streets. With your help we’re supporting children like Biruh, Berta and Tigist to live in secure and loving homes so they grow up healthy and independent, able to effect change in their own lives and their own communities. Beyond the Orphanage children are supported to know the beauty of humanity, the dark side of the moon brought to light.

There will be more beautiful photos from Al Deane next week.

Words by Jo Smith. Photos with thanks to Al Deane, visit

Ethiopia Landscape | Beyond The Orphanage

Ethiopia Countryside | Beyond The Orphanage

Ethiopia Landscape | Beyond The Orphanage

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November 26, 2015

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