First impressions, lasting memories

Kerry’s diary from the field.

Beyond the Orphanage

The six children I travelled to Nepal to photograph are all very special. They are a small group – selected from a larger group of children –  that for different reasons, and with every effort made, have not been able to be placed back with their families. The Sano Paila/ BTO partnership is providing a safe home for the children with male and female live-in carers.


The group live together in a smaller town outside of Kathmandu, and are at the very start of their journey setting up a ‘new family’ together.

There have been lots of changes in the children’s lives and the staff at Sano Paila are determined to make the children feel welcome and settle into their new surroundings with friends, carers and guardians.

While I was there, plans were being made to find the children a school and have them settle into their new community in a sensitive manner that respects each child’s needs.

I remember being particularly moved by seeing Asha (pictured above) – whom is the eldest of the children – making every effort to cook for and take care of the other children. It’s beautiful to see that even though Asha has faced great adversity in her young life, she still takes the time to care for the younger children around her.

October 19, 2015

Next Steps

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