What is Foster Care

and why is it needed?

What is Foster Care and why is it needed?

Foster care is usually temporary guardianship or custody for children who can no longer live with their immediate family or are orphaned.

Foster care provides a safe, secure and nurturing family environment for children and is the preferred option to institutional orphanages.

Beyond the Orphanage’s unique approach to foster care ensures orphaned children are placed in a home with carefully selected guardians. We pair children with foster care guardians who are in for the long haul.



Feeling secure is integral to a child’s happiness and our holistic approach to foster care ensures our children are looked after physically and emotionally as they develop into adults.

All of our foster care guardians are provided with money for food, clothes and healthcare. In some cases we also assist with rent for housing. This ensures that foster care families are not financially burdened by their generosity in caring for another’s child.

We don’t set and forget.

Our foster care program ensures that our social workers make regular home visits to check on the progress of the child. Our counselors also make regular visits.


Together, for a brighter future.

With Beyond The Orphanage, when you sponsor a child, you are actively supporting an individual, ensuring that this innocent child has food in her tummy when she goes to school, that she is clothed, has the necessary tools to learn, and a safe haven to come home to.

We also provide tutoring to help her make up for lost time. Importantly we afford the psychological care she needs to heal from the trauma of the death of her parents, of perhaps from being abused, or having been trafficked. Horrors no child should face.

Please donate to our foster care program and support our unique approach that keeps children in their communities and out of institutions.

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