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Beyond the Orphanage

Most people think about the physical benefits of giving. The access to basic human needs like shelter, food, health, the access to education and a meaningful future and so much more. In the last decade, at Beyond the Orphanage, we have seen that your generosity can change the children’s and in turn the communities’ lives in so many other meaningful ways. Pride, hope and so much more…

So over the next few days, we’ll tell you of 5 Feelings you can give, when you choose to donate to Beyond the Orphanage. Let’s start with….


Give the gift of happiness this Christmas, so they can have a reason to smile, laugh, cheer, and dance. Lenore Boyd, founder of Alfajiri, our partner program in Kenya, sees the smiles and laughter develop as the children regularly attend her art workshops.

Lenore’s workshops serve as a medium to identify children most at risk and gauges their desire to leave the streets. Street children from Mlango Kubwa and Pangani area are invited to the Art Workshop each week. Your donations this Christmas, will go towards setting up a drop in centre, where these street children can drop in to seek assistance, counseling, learning and emergency accommodation, but more importantly, will give the gift of happiness.

We promise that we will show you proof of the happiness and celebration in action. This is our plan… will you help us get there?

Donate to our Christmas appeal here.

November 14, 2017

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