It’s our 10 year anniversary! Here’s how far we’ve come.

Beyond the Orphanage

With 10 years of hard work under our belt, Beyond the Orphanage has helped over 1,000 orphaned children in Ethiopia and Nepal.

Here’s a fact: we couldn’t have done it without you.

That’s why we’re celebrating over the next ten days by giving our supporters and donors behind-the-scenes updates from the field. Check out the videos our CEO or Board Director filmed LIVE from our program in Birgunj (Nepal), in Pokhara (Nepal), and in Nairobi!

Our aim is to help another 1,000 children over the next decade. Reflecting on how far we’ve come already is the first step.

We want you to share in our experience, first-hand

So you can see more of what our programs are about, we’ve filmed live videos from Pokhara and Birgunj in Nepal, with day-to-day updates!

We also caught up with the founder of local Kenyan organisation Alfajiri Street Kids – our new partner program in Nairobi.

Geoff Hucker, our Founder, logged in himself, along with BTO board Director, Kate Fewings.

We hope this gives you a clear idea – directly from Geoff and Kate – of the incredible leaps forward that your donations have helped achieved over the last ten years.

Helping orphaned children Beyond The Orphanage celebrates 10 year aniversary

Our Story

As many of you know, our story is a deeply personal one. It started with one man and a life-changing trip he took twelve years ago. During that first fateful trip, Geoff became increasingly saddened and horrified at the plight of orphans in the developing world. Many were homeless, sick, and experiencing institutional challenges.

As an international pilot who had travelled the world, and a father to a teenage son, Geoff struggled to comprehend the extreme hardships facing these children. In 2007, Beyond the Orphanage was born.

We’ve been lucky enough to watch many of the children in our program grow into young adults now enjoying university, vocational training or employment. These are remarkable transformations, given that less than a decade ago these children were without a home and education.

The sessions

Click here for a recap of our first live video session from Pokhara in Nepal. Here, we talked about our partner program Star Children. Their work to support children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS is definitely worth hearing more about.

Click here for a recap of our second video session from Birgunj in Nepal. Our CEO filmed this one live from a field! Our program partner in Birgunj is called Sano Paila. Listen in to hear local staff tell you directly about the impact of the program. Sano Paila work with children who have been trafficked, with the aim to help them reintegrate back into their homes and communities.

Click here to see the video of our third video session. In this one, our CEO and Board Director tell us more about the work that’s being done to fight child trafficking in Nepal. This video was taken on the two year anniversary of the Gorkha earthquake.

Click here to watch our video taken in Kenya, announcing our new partnership with local organisation Alfajiri Street Children! We are joined by Andrew, who has been supported by the program. Andrew’s story is an incredible one of triumph over huge adversity – we highly recommend giving it a watch!

Our fifth and final live video in this series is coming up. Stay tuned!

April 10, 2017

Next Steps

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