Kinship Care


Wherever possible we support children to stay with their extended families. This is what is known as kinship care.

Our kinship care program provides financial and emotional support for carers and their charges. We work with our in-country partners to deliver on identified needs.

In supporting a kinship care approach, we assist with everyday living expenses like shelter, food, healthcare and education. Importantly, we also provide emotional support and counselling services to help children and young people to thrive.

Through the Beyond the Orphanage kinship care program we deliver long lasting support, helping these children to enjoy their childhood and grow to become productive, self-reliant adults.

We care for them throughout their schooling. A number of our children have graduated and are actively giving back to their own communities.


What are the benefits of kinship care?

  • Families stay together, which is important for a child’s sense of identity and belonging.
  • Children feel happier and more settled when they have a stable environment living with people they know.
  • Stability helps children to feel grounded at home and at school.
  • Research shows that in general kinship care is positive for a child’s well-being

Take a role and be part of positive change. Through donations and educational scholarships you can help to change a young person’s life and support our kinship care approach.