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Beyond the Orphanage

BTO Program Manager (Nepal) shares the progress Abhas has made over the past ten months.

I have to study hard to make my future bright, and I will – Abhas

Like many of the children we work with in Nepal, Abhas has suffered at the hands of child traffickers. Between the ages of four and eight, he was without schooling, adequate food, clothing and anyone to love and care for him.

Abhas is now a very different kid, with a very different life. We’ve ensured that his essential needs (food, shelter, nutrition, health care) are taken care of so he can have the space to flourish, both emotionally and physically. In practical terms this means that we now see Abhas laughing and goofing around, as if the load on his shoulders has lightened significantly.

Orphan Success Stories | Beyond The Orphanage

Since joining our program Abhas has also demonstrated an incredible aptitude for his studies and is consistency achieving distinctions (a remarkable achievement, given he had little access to education only two years ago). When asked about his dedication to his studies Abhas told us “I have to study hard to make my future bright, and I will”.

Abhas’s passion for learning is superseded only by one other interest – football! Every available moment is spent at the local football field, where he is aiming to “hone his skills to become a renowned football player in the future”. Below is a picture Abhas drew of his future self as an A-League player.

It’s such an honour and privilege for both myself, and the rest of the team, to see how far Abhas has come in such a short time.

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April 30, 2016

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