‘Project Flash Toilet’ Launches

Beyond the Orphanage

Like many other cities in the developing world, Addis Ababa suffers from poor sanitary infrastructure. This means that many of the children in our program are forced into unacceptable toileting situations. Recognising the urgent need for change, our in-country partner Brave Hearts devised PROJECT FLASH TOILET (the ‘flash’ denoting the quick construction of quality toilets in high risk areas).

With the first phase nearing completion, PROJECT FLASH TOILET has seen the construction of a new complex of three toilets and one shower. Built by local professionals, the toilets are enclosed, have quality septic tanks and are built to last.

These facilities will service three children from our program, and over forty members of the wider community. From a practical perspective that’s over forty-three people that will get sick far less, go to school & work far more, and will –  generally speaking – place less strain on local health providers. We think that’s a pretty flashy outcome for PROJECT FLASH TOILET!

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November 25, 2015

Next Steps

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