Berhanu’s Story

Berhanu was born in Addis Ababa and we think he is about 18 years old now. He lost both parents to tuberculosis when he was very young, and describes this time as one of great sadness.

‘Living without a family was hard for me and my little brother’, he says. ‘We had nothing.’

He went to an orphanage but had to leave when he reached adolescence. With nowhere to go, Berhanu worried for his brother and their education. They went to live with an aunt, but she was struggling financially and cast them out.

Beyond the Orphanage stepped in, placed Berhanu and his brother on our program, helping them rent a small house to live in and finish their education. Berhanu has just completed his vocational training in office management, coming first in his school!

Despite these tough beginnings, Berhanu has grown from a frightened young child to into an incredibly gentle and caring adult.

At Beyond the Orphanage, we’ve been overwhelmed by his courage and determination.

As a fine young man, we no longer need to support Berhanu, so he’s come back to support us instead. In his spare time, he volunteers for us and two orphanages, helping children with their homework and to express themselves through drama. He’s a wonderful role model for these younger children that he calls ‘my family’.

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