Mebrate’s Story

After losing both his parents at a young age, Mebrate spent eight years in an orphanage before ending up on the street.

Back to Ethiopia

Mebrate was referred to our program at the age of 14, and at this point in his life was both physically and emotionally distressed. Our first priority was to meet Mebrate’s immediate needs (shelter, food and clothing) and then over a period of time support his emotional and educational needs.

Mebrate is now one of the older participants in our program, and is the walking embodiment of our values. He describes feeling safe, secure and positive about his future. Not only has he gained multiple qualifications, and held down various jobs in the hospitality sector, he’s also demonstrated a strong desire to give back to the BTO community. During his spare time, Mebrate is often found preparing meals, and helping out the other kids.

When asked about his desire to help others, Mebrate told us that “compassion and love are important in life.”

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