Tigist’s Story

Tigist is an intelligent and lively fifteen-year-old girl, but she has endured enough for a lifetime.

Five years ago, both her father and mother tragically died from AIDS within six months of each other, and her world was torn apart.

Tigist’s aunt gave her immediate shelter and comfort. But her aunt lived in a one-room mud house and was struggling to support her three children. Her aunt’s job as a janitor brought in US$20 per month – barely enough to cove food and basic necessities.

Tigist began to suffer severe headaches and terrible nightmares, and her aunt realised she could not care for her properly. They reluctantly approached many orphanages but were consistently rejected because, at 10 years of age, Tigist was ‘too old’.

Beyond the Orphanage social workers found out about Tigist and her aunt, saw their struggles first-hand, and stepped in to help.

For the last five years, Tigist has received counseling, tutoring and nutritional support and medical care through our program, and she is excelling in all parts of her life.

Tigist is now topping her school tests and she plans to be a doctor so she can help others. But best of all, her nightmares have gone and her hope for the future has returned.

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