Asha’s Happily Ever After

Sarah Francis

After tragically losing her parents, and then her home with her older sister, Asha was taken in by BTO’s partner Sano Paila in Nepal. She was given not just food, healthcare and shelter, but a new home with housemothers, brothers and sisters. One of the greatest needs fulfilled by BTO programs is a child’s need for love, belonging and family.

After finishing school, Asha trained and worked as a beautician, working towards independence from the BTO program. This transition to adulthood would involve many new challenges, including leaving her beloved Sano Paila family.

But when she met Rohit, and they decided to marry, she found her new belonging with Rohit’s family. His mother came to know Asha and found deep love and respect for her. She laid the foundation for Asha to join their family.

With rambunctious joy, Asha’s Sano Paila sisters Sanu and Shaili led last-minute wedding preparations. This was followed by many wedding customs, some fun-loving, some of deep religious and cultural significance.

Asha was adorned with an elegant sari and exquisite henna decorations, however nothing was needed to help her radiant beauty shine through. “I’m so happy,” she breathed excitedly. “Thank you. Thank You. Thank you.”

August 3, 2022

Next Steps

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