Best wishes to Bishnu

Sarah Francis

After her family experienced HIV-related discrimination, Bishnu dedicated her life to mothering HIV-infected children in Nepal.

When HIV-infected children are orphaned, abandoned or unable to be properly cared for, they have a loving home with our in-country partner Star Children. Along with shelter, nutritious food and medical care, they receive love, something that every child deserves and craves.

Forty-three-year-old Bishnu worked tirelessly as a housemother for Star Children. The unconditional warmth she showed these children cannot be underestimated, when loss of their parents is often compounded by societal discrimination due to their HIV-status. Sadly after 15 amazing years of service, Bishnu has left the organisation after remarrying.

During her farewell, mother Bishnu had a few words to share. “Being at a Star Children home you have given me so much hope for my own life. Seeing and caring for you all as my own children has meant that I never missed not having biological children. You have shown me so much care and love. Seeing you grow up is the best feeling in the world.”

September 23, 2022

Next Steps

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