Chicken for Dinner – One Foster Child At A Time

Beyond the Orphanage

We are bringing you stories about the big difference your kindness makes in the daily lives of people who depend on Beyond the Orphanage.

Birkeye fostered her niece as part of the Beyond the Orphanage (BTO) community. “BTO helped my family by supporting my foster child. BTO made us equal with others. I feel very happy to be part of BTO,” says Birkeye . “My foster child would have lived a miserable life if she had not come to live with me.” Birkeye describes her foster child Elshaday, as being innocent, and too trusting but very kind hearted.

Birkeye recalls a memorable experience about being part of BTO.

I was very happy when I got the first monthly allowance which enabled me buy a chicken for the New Year for the first time. I was not able to buy chicken before joining BTO.

If you would like to make a difference in the dinnertime and daily lives of children and families who depend on our support, learn more about sponsoring a child.
November 25, 2015

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