Child Sponsorship a Sponsor’s Story: Amy and Her Family

Beyond the Orphanage

What we really liked about Beyond the Orphanage’s Child Sponsorship program is that it aims at getting children off the street and putting their lives back together through education, health and the care of a foster family.

We love that the children are placed with their extended family where possible, and if not, then with another family who will care for them and love them. Every child should have access to these basic things, and have the opportunity to contribute to their own country/community in a meaningful way. From what we have seen – Beyond the Orphanage is making this happen.

The donor experience has been very rewarding for us as a family. Probably most people who sponsor would say that but it is the honest answer. I am so thankful that we get to share with our children what it means to help someone else. It is very easy to take for granted what we have in Australia.

Does child sponsorship work?

I would also say that as a family we have definitely gained a better understanding of Ethiopia itself and the challenges they face. My husband and our three children are all very involved. We keep a picture of the girl we sponsor up in the kitchen and we talk about her often. We’ve written her letters and we collect additional funds for her through fundraising (we recently did a cookie sale!).

We’ve even talked about one day going to Ethiopia to be able to help out and even visit with our sponsor child. That would be something very special.

Your family can reach out to help another family through child sponsorship. Please consider making a donation, or finding out more about the Beyond the Orphanage child sponsorship program
Research shows that child sponsorship is one of the most effective ways to transform a child’s world. Less than $50 per month provides an orphaned child with a safe home, food and a place in our program. To see the end-to-end effectiveness of Beyond the Orphanage’s child sponsorship program, check out our blog post, 3 Photos That Prove Child Sponsorship Works.
October 25, 2016

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