Child Sponsorship – A Check Mate in Nepal

Beyond the Orphanage

If you are unfamiliar with chess, here are a few things you should know.

  1. People have been playing it for 1500 years.

In Nepal, Sahas and Abhas participated in a Chess Championship Tournament organised by the school that they attend. We love to share these little success stories with you. Sahas is actually the one who taught Abhas when he was rescued and joined the BTO family.


2. There’s no luck involved.

Anyone who has played chess knows the clarity of mind that is needed to play. To watch the boys compete at high level chess really puts a smile on our faces. Like many of the children we work with in Nepal, Abhas and Sahas were rescued from child traffickers and we have ensured that their essential needs (food, shelter, nutrition, health care) are taken care of so they can have the space to flourish, both emotionally and physically. 

Read more about how BTO is helping Abhas dream big.

3. You don’t have to play it sat at a table.

4. Chess helps “build a better community”.

Research shows that chess helps develop various skills such as leadership, decision making, planning, logical thinking and responsibility.

At BTO, Our aim is for each child to graduate with a vocation, diploma or degree and the life-skills to steward their own future.

5. Age is no barrier to success.

Both boys played really well with Sahas making it through to the 3rd rounds of the Seniors and Abhas collecting a trophee as the 1st runner up of the Juniors.

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September 30, 2017

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