Change the lives of trafficked children – Give the ultimate Christmas gift!

Beyond the Orphanage

Rescued victims of child trafficking are cared for by social workers like Santoush in a family-style house in Nepal. They’re struggling with the trauma of their trafficking and unable to return home because they have no known relatives.

Their health, mental state and education have been severely impacted, and it is our priority to reverse this.

Christmas Appeal 2016 for BTO

“I understand their faces, their problems, how they feel. They have so much pain. Some days are very hard for them, but I try to make it better.” – Santoush, Social Worker, Nepal.

Whilst these children have passionate carers like Santoush, a home and education support, they’re still suffering trauma from their past. They desperately need long term specialist trauma counselling – a service currently unavailable in their area.

Our Christmas appeal needs to raise $6,000 before Christmas to give these children trauma counselling.

Supporting these children now is vital. Their capacity to grow and develop into independent adults depends it.

Change the future for children now – donate to our Christmas appeal.

Please don’t forget these children at a time when we have the spirit of giving uppermost in our minds. Your gift to them this festive season will be the gift of life, helping them to move forward to a brighter future.

As an orphan himself, Santoush can empathise with the children.

“I remember my childhood and the pain of living without parents on the street. It’s my passion to give them the best opportunity in life. I wish they will be something in society.”

Let’s give these children the best opportunity in life! Donate to Beyond the Orphanage’s Christmas appeal.


November 15, 2016

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