Congratulations to our graduates

Beyond the Orphanage

It’s wonderful to share good news!

We extend our congratulations to two of the young people we support in Nepal – Anshu and Anjan – who have recently graduated from their tertiary studies.

Working in healthcare

Anshu checks the blood pressure of a patient.

Anshu, who is 19 years old, has been busy studying to become an Assistant Lab Technician. Her studies have included classes on anatomy and haematology. She’s also learned how to take blood samples. Anshu has studied the practical aspects of how to work with patients too. As anyone who has had a blood test knows, it makes a big difference when the practitioner is gentle and friendly!

Her studies qualify Anshu to work in a lab and undertake tasks such as: determining different blood types, checking for diabetes, reading blood samples for parasites, checking liver function and performing renal tests.

The next step is undertaking a further 3 years study to become a Lab Technician. Anshu is very enthusiastic about continuing her studies. In the meantime, she’s undertaking work experience to build up her practical skills.

Learning to be a Surveyor

Anjan marks up one ‘Kattha’ (18’ x18’) a unit of area used for measuring plots of land in Nepal.

Anjan has recently turned 20. He’s been studying to be a surveyor. His qualifications allow him to work in various capacities: surveying land for sub-divisions, house building and cartography. Making maps was one of his favourite subjects.

Following graduation, Anjan spent three months in the field gaining work experience. He says that one of the main challenges was applying what he learned in the classroom out in the field. With patience and a great attitude, he successfully put theory into practice. His employer gave him a glowing reference!

Anjan is currently working on a short-term government contract. He’s tasked with digitising a map for a new sub-division in the Pokhara area. Anjan is excited about the future and hoping to gain full-time employment once this project has concluded.

Education is so important in providing these young people with a foundation for the future. Your scholarship donations have directly helped Anshu and Anjan to realise their dreams. We’re so proud. Congratulations!

June 11, 2019

Next Steps

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