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Beyond the Orphanage

A year of transformations

Nepalese children feel supported, loved and secure during their first year in our program. 

In July 2015, Beyond The Orphanage expanded its unique care model to Nepal. This was an exciting development for our organisation, and one that wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful supporters.

Your contributions – whether through financial donations, fundraising, sponsorship, emotional support or simply helping us spread our word – has given a small group of orphaned and highly vulnerable children the chance to start a new life. A life based on care and love, full bellies, healthy bodies, and minds crammed full with new ideas, knowledge and excitement.

To honour the remarkable impact or your support, we’ve asked some of the children in our Nepal program to share their experiences over the past year…


End of Financial Year Donation | Nepalese Girl | Beyond The Orphanage

“The best thing about the past year is receiving mother and father like love. It makes me feel happy inside. I also like having the opportunity to study and learn new things. I got 87% in my national examinations and my hope for the future is to become a doctor.”


Abhas in our Nepal Program

“Over the past year I’ve been able to learn how to play football really well. My hope for the future is to become a famous football player. I recently sat my exams and did really well, achieving 95%.”

Boy in BTO Nepal program

“I am so happy to now have a good eduction. I also like having clean, healthy food to eat because I didn’t have this before. I got 89% in my exams and hope to become a social worker one day.”

Young girl in Nepal program

“I did very well on my national examination, achieving 99%. This made me really happy! My big dream is to become a doctor.”


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June 6, 2016

Next Steps

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