Kinship care provides new start for two sisters

Beyond the Orphanage

I now feel the future is bright and that everything will be good.

Addis is one of the youngest guardians in our kinship program. Her story is particularly special, because as the eldest sibling, Addis found herself in the difficult situation of grieving her parents, while also finding a way to care for her younger sister, Tenaye. Addis shares some of her experiences below. 

My name is Addis and I’m the carer or “guardian” for my younger sister, Tenaye. Life has been very hard for us since losing our parents.

Sister's in our kinship care program

At first, I wasn’t really coping – I had no idea how I was going to feed or educate my sister. We were both grieving our parents, and I could see Tenaye felt sad and unhappy most days.

Things have been better for us since I became at guardian at Beyond The Orphanage. The organisation has provided healthcare, education and other essential items for my sister. Her health has improved greatly, and she’s been given all the materials she needs to attend school. Also, her lunch box is full everyday!

Overall, Tenaye seems much happier and more positive about life. I am also feeing more positive because I’m receiving training around business. I am planning to open my own cosmetics shop very soon.

The staff at Brave Hearts, BTO’s in-country partner organisation, provide constant emotional support and share my burdens. I can come to the drop-in centre at any time of the day, and discuss my sister’s situation with them. This gives me a sense of security and happiness.

Find out more about Beyond The Orphanage’s unique kinship care program. 

July 11, 2016

Next Steps

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