Hearts of Gold: The Story of a Child Sponsor

Beyond the Orphanage

Fun, touching, emotional, funny and just fantastic

These are the first words that come to mind when BTO child sponsor’s Sharon and George Marshall talk about their recent trip to Addis Ababa.

The couple from Melbourne discovered Beyond the Orphanage on Facebook in 2013, and currently sponsor three children in Ethiopia.

We’ve been sponsoring children over the past number of year, so this is an expansion of our effort to make a difference to the children who most need us.

It was reassuring to see the children thriving in all aspects of their lives and to see them filled with such care for each other.

Speaking of their experience Sharon told us “We first visited the children 2 years ago, and we’re impressed with the changes we saw (since then) on a number of levels. The staff and the children are truly a family with much love and respect shared by all. The children’s English is much improved, they are all so happy and caring and kind and fun and funny! They are learning life skills as well as academic skills, and they are simply gorgeous young people”.

Hearts of Gold - A Child Sponsor Story

Sharon and George also praised the passionate and dedicated staff of the Drop in Centre. “Koni, Dawit and Alem have done an amazing job.  Their commitment to the children is so obvious and it is just as obvious that the children return those sentiments. We are proud to have been so welcomed and to share the trust of the children and staff and we have memories we will treasure forever”.

Geoff Hucker, founder of Beyond the Orphanage is immensely appreciative of Sharon and George’s generosity. “Sharon and George have been sponsoring orphaned children through BTO for some years now and are people with a true spirit for transforming the lives of orphaned children. They have hearts of gold and their support helps each child to grow and blossom, and leave the sadness and tragedy of their earlier lives behind them.”

Koni Yimmer, the director of our program partner in Addis agrees, “Their visit was an exciting time for self-expression for the children. Amaseganalehu – thank you, we are grateful to Sharon and George for their humanity”.

Have you considered sponsoring a child? Please don’t forget the world’s most vulnerable children. Your gift to these children, literally, will be the gift of life. Sponsor a child today! 

October 1, 2016

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