BTO USA launches to help children in Ethiopia & Nepal!

Beyond the Orphanage

A warm welcome to the USA arm of Beyond the Orphanage!

Last Thursday in Charlotte, North Carolina, CEO Geoff Hucker and US Co-chairs, Drs. Natalie Conner and Raymond Kirk, officially launched the Beyond the Orphanage in the USA at a gathering attended by friends, colleagues, and family.

Help Children in Ethiopia & Nepal | Beyond The Orphanage

It was a magical night for my family AND I, with a lot of discussion about the great work done by Beyond the Orphanage. I’m incredibly proud to be representing Beyond the Orphanage in the USA. I’ve had a long association with BTO since first volunteering and evaluating their program eight years ago. During that time, I’ve seen firsthand its many successes and the evolution into a unique model driving great changes for orphaned children.


Ray Kirk spoke about the impact of his initial exposure to the BTO program in Addis Ababa, his training activities with social work students at the University in Addis, and how BTO’s vision and mission are very consistent with his work across the globe promoting family-centered services for dependent and victimized children.

Help children with Beyond The Orphanage USA

Beyond the Orphanage Founder and CEO, Geoff Hucker, was excited (as always!) to talk about BTO’s work to a new audience. “Everyone seemed very engaged with BTO’s work. This was a group of people who really connected with our work and cared about making a difference in the lives of the children we support”.

Demonstrating their generosity, attendees donated almost USD $15,000 to support the work of Beyond the Orphanage. A wonderful meal was donated by local chefs and caterers, including Alain and Penny Rouseau, Yosief and Edith (Primo Tuscan Grill), and Brixx Pizza.


Let’s help children in Ethiopia and nepal!

“I am deeply touched by such willingness to support children who live a world away,” says Natalie. “I have to share this—Brad, one of my son’s friends forfeited his Christmas gifts in order to give the $540 needed to support a child for a year. Our lives are made rich and meaningful by the relationships we nourish—with friends, family, and even relationships with children thousands of miles away. Seeing people in my immediate community take up the mantle has made me even more determined to help. What a perfect reminder that we do, indeed, enjoy real hope this season.”



Dr. Natalie Conner is the USA representative of Beyond the Orphanage and a well-known child welfare professional. Read more about Natalie’s connection with Beyond the Orphanage.

December 13, 2016

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