How to Hold a Fundraising Event

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The thought of holding a fundraising event can be an intimidating one. But take a minute to consider it, if you really believe in the cause. Why? Because fundraising events can be FUN!

‘The things that really stands out for me when it comes to fundraising events,’ says BTO’s fundraising rockstar, Meredith Downes, ‘is whether the person or team organising it is passionate and excited about what they’re doing. If they are, it’s contagious and attendees understand that it’s a worthwhile cause and event.’

(The idea of holding a fundraiser already caught your fancy? For some very approachable, simple ideas for fundraising events, check out our Top Five Fundraising Ideas this Holiday Season.)

Here’s What to Focus On

Aussie native and world traveller, Meredith, has worked in fundraising for several years for charities across Australia, Latin America, and Indonesia. ‘A successful event isn’t one that just necessarily raises money’, she advises, ‘but one that also engages people to support a cause, and makes people want to continue some sort of relationship with the organisation. That might be through donating, volunteering, attending more events, or even fundraising themselves for that organisation.’

Here at Beyond the Orphanage, we’re incredibly excited to have recently launched our own community fundraising campaign. We’ve already seen people sign up, and there’s a collective team high-five every time we see a new fundraiser come through. As Meredith says,

Being part of beyond the orphanage means being part of a team, so we’ll treat our fundraisers like part of the team too. Hence, #TeamBTO!

‘What it comes down to, is that people are going to be genuinely interested if you’re supporting a great cause. Be proud of it, and let everyone know it!’

How Beyond the Orphanage Will Support Our Fundraisers

#TeamBTO are set up to support our fundraisers 100%, and we’ve developed a fundraising toolkit that we think is awesome. It includes:

  • Tips for using social media in your fundraising;
  • Pre-written emails you can send friends and family;
  • Quick and easy facts to remember to share at your event about BTO’s work as well as Ethiopia and Nepal; and
  • Photos that you can print and put up at your event, or post on social media

Our very own Fundraising Manager will make sure you also have the option to get in direct email contact with her after you’ve signed up. ‘Be warned though’, Meredith says, ‘I’m pretty excitable about fundraising for BTO. And I’ve been to SO MANY fundraising events! A lot of them I’ve run myself, but I’m often attending others to see how they’re done, or helping out in some way. I’m looking forward to sharing advice to anyone who’d like to reach out.’

Why Hold a Fundraiser?

What’s the single most important thing that someone who is holding a fundraising event needs to know? ‘That they’re doing a great thing. BTO are entirely child focused. Geoff [CEO and Founder] and the team know every child by name. Not only this, but there is total engagement with the families the children live with. BTO feels more like a family than an organisation.

The truth is that asking for money is hard. But remember that you’re raising money for a great cause, and the worst thing that can happen is that someone says no.

‘What’s more likely is that you’ll be inspiring people to help you change lives. That’s a pretty amazing thing. This is one of the best ways to create a positive impact on the world.’

Meredith’s final words she’d like to share with anyone considering holding a fundraiser with BTO? ‘Give it a go! This is your chance to help change the lives of children, and have fun while you’re doing it. We’ve got the tools and support that you need, and you’ll feel fabulous about what you’re doing.’

So, are you feeling ready? It’s time to start your campaign!

November 5, 2016

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