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Beyond the Orphanage

Join #TeamBTO and change lives!

This week we launch our community fundraising campaign – to create brighter futures for orphaned children.

#TeamBTO is a community of people like you, who are passionate about changing lives. They’re hosting dinners, donating their birthdays and taking up jogging to spread the word about our cause.

This is your opportunity to make a difference – to let people know there are children living on the streets that you’re going to give a home and education.

Changing lives is awesome | Join #TeamBTO

It’s easy. We will help you with ideas for your fundraiser, ways to talk to people about it and any other support you need.

Most of all, it’s fun. Give it a go – bring your family and friends on board, and see the dollars you raise go to a fantastic cause.

Sign up now and change lives!

Some great ideas:

  • Christmas/birthday : Ask for donations in lieu of gifts
  • Run, cycle, climb: Individually, or form a team. More friends = more fun + raise more money!
  • Host an event: Dinners, movie or trivia nights and morning teas are great ways to get people involved and have fun

We even have a fundraising toolkit, with all the information, ideas and inspiration you’ll need.

Geoff, our CEO has already signed up. This year he’s asking loved ones to donate to his fundraising page instead of giving Christmas gifts. Check out his personal fundraising page for some inspiration.

Join #TeamBTO now – we’ll be in touch when you sign up!

November 1, 2016

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