If I needed help with surgery, I would ask ____________.

Beyond the Orphanage

Most of us are lucky enough to know someone or many people to reach out to, should we ever need help to pay for surgery that would allow us to live a normal life.


Do you remember John? John was the smallest of the street boys driven to the streets of Nakuru, an outer town of Nairobi, and left abandoned, unwanted by his step mother. He begged, and survived on food left in rubbish dumps until he was 12 when his life took a turn again. He was crushed in a building accident.

Perhaps the silver lining is that after the accident, John was then rescued by BTO’s local program partner in Kenya and has since received a home and education. As he sustained severe injuries from the accident, John stayed in a hospital for one year of rehabilitation, to learn to walk again. Despite this, he still needs urgent corrective surgery for a chance at a normal life and to be self-reliant.


We need your help us raise enough money to send John and a carer to India for immediate surgery. This is only place where this specialist surgery is performed within miles of Kenya. We have just 2 weeks, let’s get started.

Here is a breakdown of our goals to help John:

  • Cost of Surgery $5500
  • Travel costs for John and a BTO carer $1800
  • Meals for John and a carer for a month $900

Over the next 2 weeks, you can have a direct impact in changing this orphan’s life and together we can allow him a chance a be a self reliant adult. Follow us on Facebook to follow the progress of our fundraiser.

We need your help now. Please donate to get John the surgery he needs. Thank you.

January 15, 2018

Next Steps

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