Monstapals to raise funds for BTO

Beyond the Orphanage

We’re excited to announce that tech-developer Anomaly is partnering with BTO to donate 1/3 of all sales of its new game, Monstapals, to support the important work BTO does in caring for at-risk children in Nepal and Kenya.

What is Monstapals? It’s a cool new interactive app that helps kids learn about Australian animals.

Monstapals’ developer Anomaly is a cutting-edge technology company. Its “Playing for Good” programme supports charitable endeavours that uplift the lives of under privileged children.

Dev Mukherjee from Anomaly says, “We are committed to working with organisations that make a real impact on children’s lives. The idea behind Playing for Good is simple. We develop apps for children that are educational and fun. And at the same time raise funds for organisations like BTO.”

“Monstapals is the first app we have developed that is purely for children. We are excited to partner with BTO and donate one third of the sales – not just profits. These funds support the important work BTO does in Nepal and Kenya.”

Geoff Hucker, BTO’s founder and CEO says “We are thrilled to partner with Dev and his team and thank them for supporting BTO through the Playing for Good initiative. It is heartening to see innovative companies like Anomaly embracing social responsibility and making a real difference.”

How do you play Monstapals?

Monstapals is aimed at pre-schoolers and the young at heart. It is designed to educate the player about Australian animals and to test their creativity too. The app lets you make new types of animals – Monstapals! There are 45 different Monstapals to create and each has its own distinct look and sound. Each Monstapal is unique and comes with its own fun facts.

Download and start Playing for Good.

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December 11, 2019

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