BTO Launches in Nepal

Beyond the Orphanage

An interview with Program Manager, Keven Tate.


Keven, tell us about BTO’s new project in Nepal?

The children in the Nepal charity program range in age and gender, but are all considered ‘double orphans’. By this we mean they have lost both parents.
Care for orphaned children in Nepal is often in institutionalised settings (i.e orphanages). While they have their place, we are really excited to provide BTO’s alternative model of deinstitutionalising care through kinship and community care.

To help us implement BTO’s kinship model, and ensure our stringent standards are met, we’ve partnered with local service provider Sano Paila.

Our overall aim is to firstly ensure the safety and support of the current children in the program, and then expand to assist more children.

How are the children doing so far?

While we are only in our first month of operation, all of the children have been placed in their own home based care unit under the management of our service provider, Sano Paila. The children have received health check-up’s, are attending school and are generally doing really well.

All of the children have experienced incredible hardships in their young lives; BTO’s aim to is provide the support they deserve, so that they can develop their own path, and opportunities, in life.

Tell us about yourself Keven?

I am a pilot by training and have spent many years living in south-east Asia. Prior to joining BTO, I ran a small home based care project in Nepal called Freedom Care.

My role at BTO will entail overseeing our operations in Nepal.

Can you share a thing or two you love about Nepalise culture?

I find Nepal a very inspiring place, largely because of in despite of their poverty, the people are incredibly kind and generous.

I’ve actually done a number of treks throughout the country –  the mountain villages are just wonderful.  As a pilot I’ve travelled around the world, yet am still always humbled by Nepal. I think it’s the mixture of the incredible culture and awe-inspiring mountains.

To support our programs in Nepal and Ethiopia please consider sponsoring a child or donating.

November 25, 2015

Next Steps

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