No girl should be held back by her period

Sarah Francis

Without proper menstrual health, young women can have regular infections, unmanaged pain and shame around what is happening to their bodies.

A period should never hold any young woman back and with 85% of the young women in our programs at menstruating age, menstrual health is a priority for our care model.

The Period Power project is set up to ensure our incredible young women receive the products and education they need to have dignity, safety and freedom around their menstrual cycles.

We plan to partner with Days for Girls to purchase their fabulous locally made menstruation kits and implement their educational program with our partners.

Already our generous donor community has raised $500 however we need another $1,500 to ensure we can get this project up and running.

Please donate and help us support BTO’s menstrual health program.

📷 Boone Sommerfield

February 9, 2022

Next Steps

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