Positively impacting the lives of street children in Kenya

Beyond the Orphanage

Positively impacting the lives of street children is one aspect of the important work we do with our in-country partner, Alfajiri, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Statistics about orphans and street children can be hard to comprehend. Consequently numbers can distract from the fact that we are talking about real people.

This is Isaac (above). When we first met Isaac he was in a bad way, living on the street in Nairobi’s biggest slum. He was addicted to glue sniffing. Consequently his health was suffering terribly.

Through the care and support from our in-country partner, Issac is well on the path to living a better life (below).

This is the kind of work your generous donations allow us to do.

Beyond the Orphanage – Our Difference

We value self-empowerment. Engaging with street children to meet their needs is the first step in the journey to becoming happy and self-reliant adults.

BTO works with at-risk street children in Nairobi through our partnership with local community-based organisation Alfajiri, which runs a drop-in centre where professionals can assess a child’s needs and take action to help get them off the streets.

Lenore Boyd (below) is the founder of Alfajiri. Over the years she has gained the trust of the street children because she regularly makes contact, encouraging them to come into the drop-in centre.

BTO provides funds, mentoring and support to Alfajiri. See how we work here.

Every person can play a positive role in changing the life of a child – what will you do?

People often tell us they wish they could help, but worry the money they could donate would not be enough. Every dollar counts towards providing solutions for these street children.

So join us on this journey. We all have so much to give. Please donate now.


February 18, 2019

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