Sanu’s Story

Beyond the Orphanage
Sanu is a happy child in her new loving home

Looking at her infectious smile, you wouldn’t guess that Sanu had a rough start in life. 

As a young child, she was found living in an unsafe environment. Like many of the children taken in by our partner Sano Paila, little is known about her background, and attempts to locate her family were unsuccessful. 

Sanu went to live in a family-based home supported by BTO in early 2015, with a loving housemother and new siblings. When she first arrived at her new home, she was very shy and rarely spoke.

Over six years have passed and Sanu is now 13 years’ old. Staff have been delighted to witness her transformation to become the confident, happy and healthy teenager she is today. 

She is one of the oldest girls in the home and likes to take on the role of a big sister to the younger children. She is a responsible and well- mannered girl and likes to set a good example by always helping with household chores and doing her best at school. She takes a very disciplined and determined approach toward her studies and works hard to continuously improve her marks. She was delighted to achieve an excellent score of 84% in her final exam.

Sanu has a creative flair and loves arts and crafts. She spends a lot of time painting, drawing and creating beautiful craft designs which decorate her room. She also loves many other activities including cycling, cricket, taekwondo, and board games, in particular carrom and chess. In March, Sanu participated in the Nationwide Inter-city Team Chess Tournament. She had a great time and this has motivated her to practice more to improve her game.

Sanu feels safe and secure living in a family-based environment, where she receives love and affection from her carers, brothers and sisters. Through a process of healing she is enjoying her life to the fullest.

June 30, 2021

Next Steps

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