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Beyond the Orphanage

Beyond the Orphanage (BTO) sponsor child, 18-year-old Desta came to BTO after both of her parents died. Since then, she has thrived in the program and says her dream is to get a good education and help other vulnerable children in Ethiopia.


Desta says her favourite thing about BTO is the “focus given to education,” and also the “openness of the members to accept us as we were.” She says that BTO has helped her to think differently and is very thankful to BTO for “giving me life beginning from my childhood.”

Desta had lived with her parents until the age of five when her mother passed away. Her father died some years later and an uncle who had supported her passed away. Desta lived with her Grandmother for some time and they survived on a pension of 80 BIR (AUD$5) per month.

Knowing that she could not pay for education in the countryside, Desta’s grandmother moved them both to Addis Ababa before she died so that Desta could go to school and because she said Addis Ababa was a beautiful city. As a young teenager Desta had a huge amount of responsibility as her grandmother’s health deteriorated. Now Desta says, “I am happy to be a member of BTO with the other kids. We can now get three meals per day, all schooling and materials. I am ready to move forward.” Desta currently lives with her aunt.

Desta’s dream is to get a good education and help street children.” Her hobby is reading books on Ethiopian history and she enjoys studying Biology as he can understand the subject easily. Desta helps her family by doing home duties in her spare time. One of Desta’s greatest joys are her friendships. She says, “My friends share their lives, happiness and sadness and think good for each other.”

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November 25, 2015

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