A Home and a Future for 17 At-Risk Girls

Beyond the Orphanage

Beyond the Orphanage (BTO) was born in response to need and it continues to grow according to the need of young orphans with difficult options and little support.

Recently, BTO with the help of our service delivery partner, has taken 17 teenage girls into the program after their orphanage closed down. The girls were at risk of many dangers and some were on the streets.
Following BTOs sponsorship of this group of girls, they now have a home that they can call their own where they will be supported to continue or re-enter education so that they can build safe and secure futures for themselves.
One of the abiding principles of BTO is that vulnerability does not have an age limit and though the girls are in their early teens they are in certain need of security, provisions and support.
by Jo Smith : May 25th, 2015
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November 25, 2015

Next Steps

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