A day to cherish our women

Sarah Francis

This International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, BTO board member Kate Fewings took the opportunity to fund activities that would benefit women in our programs not just for one day, but for years to come.

IWD is an opportunity to reflect on the essential role that women play in our lives, and where we are on the journey to gender equality. We were delighted when Kate donated funds to support our partners to each run IWD activities, including cake for everyone!

Our partner Alfajiri in Kenya, which supports street children to have a better life, elected to run an educational outreach day on self-esteem and women’s empowerment at its drop-in centre.

Of our partners in Nepal, Star Children, which runs a residential home for HIV-affected children, ran a drawing competition and everyone was very excited to reveal their artworks.

Star Children’s program Nawajiwan, which supports rural HIV-affected families, opted for breast and cervical screenings and education for staff and board members and the women it supports.

Sano Paila, providing homes to orphaned and abandoned children, educated its staff about women’s rights. They also ran an awareness session on ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ for 90 local schoolchildren.

Finally RHERI, which has a residential hostel for deaf children, organised an awareness program for parents of the hostel children and community women.

Our partners reported that the participants loved the activities and they opened up some lively discussions. Thank you, Kate!

May 4, 2022

Next Steps

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