Bringing Faith Beyond School

Sarah Francis

BTO’s Beyond School Program supports young people like Faith to fulfil their professional dreams and reach independence.

Faith’s mother died when she was just four years old. Along with her younger brother, Faith has been raised by their grandmother in a tiny room in the slums of Nairobi. Her grandmother’s meagre wage from casual employment hardly met their needs.

When the family was unable to afford to send Faith to secondary school, BTO’s partner Alfajiri provided sponsorship so that she could continue her schooling. “Without the sponsorship my education would have come to an end,” says Faith. She requested to go to a boarding school to avoid the many dangers of slum life.

With Alfajiri’s holistic support, Faith has blossomed. She is no longer the timid girl they first met, she is a self-driven go-getter and a team leader. During the school holidays at the drop-in centre, she teaches other beneficiaries bottle decorating skills. She also has a keen interest in baking.

Faith successfully completed secondary school in March 2022. She’s now 18 and back living with her grandmother, and regularly visits the Alfajiri drop-in centre. Next Faith has expressed interest in studying optometry or business with the help of BTO’s Beyond School Program. Her very generous sponsor has agreed to cover the costs. Further education and a professional career are key to bringing her and her family out of the cycle of poverty.

June 9, 2022

Next Steps

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