Guiding children forward to heal

Sarah Francis

In 2021, Beyond the Orphanage pioneered its Wellness Committee, a group of strong female leaders in Nepal who are invested in child protection.

Nepal and Kenya’s higher education systems are yet to offer courses dedicated to mental health treatment and trauma recovery. BTO is working to build greater knowledge of trauma informed care and mental health treatment within our programs by training and developing our in-country staff.

Late last year, women from different regions in Nepal joined Dr Bobbie Legg, BTO’s Director of the Board and Child Trauma Specialist, for training on child protection. They travelled across Nepal together and met with every child and staff member in each of BTO’s programs in Nepal. From there, they worked together to discuss best practices and began to form a road map for going forward.

BTO is committed to training local leaders to provide the trauma-informed care and mental health awareness that our children desperately need for recovery. Trauma recovery gives new hope to children who have survived trafficking, abuse and abandonment. Our wellness committee is training as emerging healthcare leaders and guiding children forward to a life of healing, wholeness and hope.

July 5, 2022

Next Steps

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