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Beyond the Orphanage

Taking the care of children in Nepal, Kenya and Ethiopia beyond the orphanage is about more than guaranteeing just their survival. This is the reason we love our brand new (and biggest ever!) campaign, The Scholarships Project – which shines a spotlight on developing future community leaders and self-sufficient adults.

Our local partner in Kenya works with orphaned children through art therapy as an initial medium; a local partner in Nepal works with children who were victims of trafficking while another local partner in Nepal supports children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS; our local partner in Ethiopia supports local communities and extended families to care for children who have been orphaned.

The Scholarships Project is a culmination of the commonalities across these diverse programs: it focuses on our belief in the power of family and community, and in the importance of empowerment through education.

This is a campaign that will ensure our young people are given the best opportunity in higher education. And this is where you come in.

All about our new campaign: The Scholarships Project 🎉

With The Scholarships Project, you can donate a scholarship to a young adult in Nepal or Kenya. Through a scholarship, you’re not only ensuring bright futures for some of the most vulnerable people in the world – you can also name it and leave a legacy.
Scholarship applicants will apply for donated scholarships that are named after your family surname, the name of your sporting team, your professional group – or any other scholarship name you’d like to nominate where you’d like to see a legacy live on.

You can donate a scholarship in two ways:

  1. Make a single, outright donation
  2. Build a fundraising page where you can gather a group or team, to pitch in together

There are ten scholarships available to donate and which are tax-deductible in Australia and the USA: a full scholarship is AUD $6,000, and a half scholarship is $3,000.

We’ll take huge pleasure in recognising gifts by:

  • adding your named scholarship details to our website
  • providing certificates donors can be proud to hang on your wall
  • providing ongoing reports on the change that scholarships have made in beneficiary’s lives
The team here at Beyond the Orphanage connect strongly with The Scholarships Project, and we’re SO excited about its launch today. In the lead up to 30th June this year, we hope you’ll be thinking of us. 💛

June 16, 2017

Next Steps

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