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Beyond the Orphanage

At BTO everyday is Children’s Day! We are continually focused on improving the lives of those we care for and ensuring their rights are upheld.

On 20 November it is Universal Children’s Day, which was first established by the United Nations in 1954. Celebrated annually this Day is designed to improve the welfare of children and raise awareness that to make the world a better place, we need to work together.

It is so important to remember that helping one child is the first step to helping many and changing the mindset of the next generation.

We are often overwhelmed by the tragedies that beset the world, but there are some really awesome good news stories. Here are a couple we want to share with you.

Meet Bunny and Max

Bunny is 6 years old (top) and Max (below) is 5. The boys, who were at risk, came into our house in Janakpur, Nepal around the same time. That was back in April. Since then they have become best friends.

Bunny had to deal with some awful injuries, but he’s an amazing little guy and after a short stay in hospital, he is now thriving.

He loves school, and is interested in everything! He also loves food, and enjoys all the yummy dishes our housemother Sita prepares.

Max is full of energy. He’s mad on playing sport, loves running races and is a big fan of cake!

Meet Ganga

This darling little 3 year old girl (above) was abandoned on the banks of a river, hence her name, Ganga, which is Nepali for pond or body of water.

When we found her she was suffering terribly. Unable to stand on her own, Ganga had to crawl in the mud scavenging for food.

It is amazing what love and care can achieve in a short time. Since her arrival in the house in Jankapur in April, Ganga is making incredible progress.

Ganga can now stand on her own and has taken her first steps. And look at that smile!

Over the past decade we have helped more than 1000 children. Positive change can happen. We are transforming lives. Be part of the journey and please sponsor a child today.

November 8, 2019

Next Steps

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